About Us

In 1990, the Romanian community of Regina came together to create the Miorita Romanian Cultural Society which includes the Miorita Romanian Dance Ensemble. The mandate of the organization at is heart, is to preserve Romanian heritage and share that heritage with others in Saskatchewan.

The goals of the organizations are:

  1. To provide the Miorita Romanian Dance Ensemble with professionally choreographed dances to showcase at cultural and community events.
  2. To provide the Miorita Romanian Dance Ensemble with new choreography to continue to grow and develop their repertoire of traditional Romanian dance.
  3. To provide Miorita dancers of all ages with the opportunity to learn Romanian dances from professional instructors who provide professional choreography.
  4. To provide Miorita dancers and people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn about Romania and various traditions and customs.
  5. To provide the opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in a fun Romanian dance workshop and learn about Romanian dance and culture.


Our group features several dancers who have worked with professional choreographers in the past. These choreographers include Maestros Petre Bodeutz and Ion Gubernicu. Under their teaching, these dancers developed strong skill, ability and love for Romanian dance. They have maintained strong ties to their culture and continue to dance as adults. As such, some of our dancers have experience of 20 years or more, including our instructors who have danced for more than 35 years each.

The professional material the Miorita Romanian Dance Ensemble develops from the workshop is performed at local events such as the Mosaic Festival of Cultures in Regina and Motif in Moose Jaw as well. This in turn promotes arts, culture and tourism within and around our community.

Additionally, Miorita performs annually at Winnipeg’s cultural festival, Folklorama which further helps to promote Saskatchewan and Regina , and develop and strengthen great relationships with other communities.

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