The Pitesti Experiment – Free Screening

Save the date: March 3rd, 6:30 pm, Regina Public Library downtown branch

The Piteşti Experiment film – Director’s cut version

This is the first feature film to depict the notorious Pitești Experiment in early communist Romania (1949-1952).

The movie describes the true story of the events which took place in Romania between 1949 and 1951 when, following the establishment of the Communist regime, all students were compelled to become members of the Party. Consequently, those who refused were imprisoned and “re-educated”. The re-education phenomenon, a concept borrowed from the Soviet pedagog A.S. Makarenko, relied on the assumption that every person can become a “new entity” through “re-education”, which in this instance was achieved by means of both physical and mental torture.

The subject of the Piteşti Experiment was kept out of the public eye until recently, and therefore we believe it is impetuous that as many people as possible learn about it.

Our film is a gesture of commemoration and respect to the young people who suffered in these difficult times. These atrocities should not be forgotten so that the suffering of these people will not be in vain.

The project was advertised, as well screened in its work-in-progress version in more than 20 countries around the world, such as USA, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Check Republic, Bulgaria, and in many universities, such as University College London, Pittsburgh University, Indiana University, Connecticut University, and Pace University New York.

We would like to screen 80 min part from the Director’s Cut version of the Pitesti Experiment work-in-progress film. The purpose of the screening is to raise awareness about this hidden topic, as well as to crowdfund to help raise the last funds to complete the post production of the project. More details about the film and the crowdfunding on GofundMe page:

This is the first feature film on this matter and it is funded through donations, thus becoming a 100% independent project, initiated by Connections Romania’s team of young professionals, passionate about history and cinematography.

Interview with movie director Victoria Baltag at Holocaust Museum, Skokie, IL: 


Facebook’s film page:

11 min sequences:

1.5 min draft trailer:

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